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Main topic/general program:

• Amyloid-β-cause or outcome of neurodegeneration
• Calcium, a key regulator of neuronal function
• Central control of reproduction
• Cholinergic encephalopathies
• Coenzyme A and its derivatives in brain metabolism and disease
• Different models, one goal: Understand Parkinson’s disease, mechanisms and therapeutic targets
• Epigenetics and chromatin structure in brain function
• Glial cells in health and disease
• Motor control-motoneuronus
• mTOR in epilepsy and epileptogenesis
• Neurobiology of agingbrain
• Paying attention to attention: understanding its mechanisms and neuronal correlates
• Regenerative neurobiology of the eye
• Sphingolipids/cholesterol and amyloid-β interplay in neurodegeneration and neuroprotection